Warehousing without hassle

Spend less time managing inventory and more time on the things that matter. Partner with eSquared for full-service warehousing services, including fulfillment, storage, picking, packing and shipping, product return management and live inventory tracking.

Dedicated or Shared Operation for Direct-to-Retail or EDI Inventories

You should expect affordable, efficient, and error-free service from your warehousing partner, whether you need a dedicated or shared 3PL operation. Our state-of-the-art inventory management and quality control systems deliver custom solutions that meet your needs.

Worry-Free & Error-Free 3PL Warehousing

Advanced barcoding, a range of picking options, and shipping station integrations allow us to flawlessly deliver an exceptional warehousing experience. eSquared’s 3PL services use efficient processes and robust quality control systems to eliminate errors.

Same-Day Fulfillment & Returns

If we receive your order by 5 pm EST, we’ll pick, pack, and ship your order the same day. When we receive a return, you can trust eSquared to treat your customers as our own and provide a positive and fast return experience.

Flexible 3PL Solutions

Your company’s warehousing needs are unique and require a custom 3PL solution. The eSquared warehousing experts will work with your team to understand your business and develop a warehousing system that is affordable, efficient, and error-free.

Reducing Fulfillment Errors

Your customers should receive the correct order on time. A late package or wrong package can cost your company its reputation and possibly a customer. Accuracy and timeliness are eSquared’s priorities with every order we fulfill. 

Automated 3PL Services

Automation helps eSquared fill orders and reduce errors. Our SKU automated system tracks every product and order from start to finish. Our state-of-the-art warehouse software integrates with retail platforms so you have real-time access to inventory, order and return data. 

Partner with eSquared for an exceptional warehousing experience.

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