Insights to Move Your Company to Mobile. Capabilities to Actually Do It. GET ALIVE.

eSquared offers comprehensive “get alive” services. Deploying hundreds or thousands of devices at once requires special expertise and attention. We can configure all your devices and load all of your software for a seamless and accurate technology upgrade that won’t disrupt everyday business.


You shouldn’t have to devote precious storage space to housing extra mobile devices. eSquared can manage device inventory for you. We keep devices from dozens of vendors in stock so we can quickly send you new or replacement devices with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Staging & Kitting

eSquared has the knowledge and capacity to kit out thousands of mobile devices at once. We’ll install apps and software on all of your devices before sending them out to you in bulk. That way, you can outfit everyone on your team simultaneously with the devices and programs they need.


The hardware and software in your mobility telematics system have to integrate seamlessly and dependably. We fully test your system to make sure your integrations are working optimally before we send any devices to you.

MDM Configuration

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software allows you to control what your drivers can and can’t do on your devices. Set limits on usage, control settings, and reduce distracted driving by restricting device use when your vehicles are in motion.

Quality Testing

Mobility telematics systems are complicated, which is why eSquared tests every system we develop to make sure it works just as it should. Our quality testing ensures you’re up and running right from the start.

Packaging & Shipping

Whether you’re receiving new devices or upgrading your current ones, eSquared takes care of all of your packing and shipping needs. We coordinate our shipments with our software vendors to make sure the installation process and user training sessions aren’t delayed.

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